Friday, September 12, 2014

Some knitting and a few films

I finished Elaine's socks!

The yarn colour is called Grape Gumball, and it's stretchy, with a bit of elastic, so a bit tricky to get the tension just right. But cute!

One down, many to go...

I've seen some great movies. A quick rundown:

Dearest. A little boy is taken off the street one day, and we watch his parents, especially his father, try and try to find him. When he's finally found, he's been living with another family for so long... Clever and very sad all around. I was talking to someone else who had seen it, and he said, "I know it's a very emotional issue, but do we have to cry through the whole movie?"

Madame Bovary. When I read this last year in French, after having not read French for years, I found that the vocabulary that was most difficult was the words meaning "elaborately woven silk," or "beautiful embroidery from Italy," or any number of fancy-schmancy fabrics and home decorating thingmabobs.

So it was delightful for me to see the care and time the filmmakers put in to the costumes and sets. The dresses were handmade, each one with a name and a bit of symbolism, like poisonous flowers in the design. (I didn't learn this from watching the movie, but the director told us all about it afterwards.) And of course, it's a great story!

Big Muddy. Just brilliant! Great acting, great scenery, great great great. The stage littered with corpses...