Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting to the real classics now

This is an old favourite. I see that lots of other groups have done this as well, but I think this is the original, and despite the not-great angle and the choppy beginning, I love the guffaws from the audience and the delightful performance.

Elaine and I went carolling the other night. We walk around the neighbourhood and sing at pre-arranged front porches, and then end up around the piano at someone's house. The finale of the evening is when they take away the carol sheets and give us the four parts of the Hallelujah Chorus. Oh, my, those sopranos are high! Elaine and I struggled to keep up with the altos, and there were moments in there when no-one knew what they were doing and there was a bit of confusion. Luckily the words are kind of repetitive!

Another old favourite is the snowflake cutting page online. You can make these and e-mail them to your friends if you have forgot to send cards!

And the latest on Eddie the sweater: knitting is finished, just the ends and blocking and so on remain.