Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another off the list

The lovely golden mittens are done! Really, it doesn't take much time to make a mitten, even one on little needles, with cables, and trying to match the first one. So, a year of waiting and a few days of knitting, and here are my pretty mitts. Unfortunately, it is still too cold for nice, light, wool mitts. (I have a pair of these.)

How cold is it, you ask?

There is one little stripe of "hovering around zero" green in the last week. I think we got up to -3º or so. Mostly the darkest, purplest blue, signifying less than -15º. I never did get a colder colour, but it has been below -20 some nights.

The last two months. They say the cold will last for weeks more; I am sad we didn't book a week in the Caribbean for March break!


  1. Nice mittens you made.
    We are enjoying lovely weather. It's frosty but the sun actually comes out. All the snow is gone, although the weatherman is apparently threatening.
    Big sister is moving on Sunday. Love ya!
    PS Sorry, Elaine, that I missed your birthday. Hope is was a good one.
    PPS And I hope Arthur has a great day, too

  2. your scarf is looking lovely!
    and i love the cable detail on your golden mits!


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