Thursday, May 21, 2015

Even more movies

Finally today I can wrap up the last movies I saw at Hot Docs.

For the Record struck me as better than the blurb had led me to believe! It was interesting to hear about the people who do the jobs of court reporting, captioning for television and real-time transcribing of classes and talks for students and others. The contest about who is fastest was the grand finale of the movie, but if I were editing it, it might have been quite a different movie. (But of course, I am not editing it... ) It reminded me of Norma, our own knit-blogger steno-machine whizz.

The second movie I had to choose from a short list was Shoulder the Lion. Weird. Blind photographer, musician with tinnitus and a visual artist who sustained horrible head injuries in her boxing career! Her art went from this -- nice, yellow and red and blue, to this -- red and black and skeletons. You can hear the grating soundtrack and see the jostling text in the trailer at the first link. Interesting and I'm glad I saw it, but not a fun movie, really!

The next was really a fun movie! All the Time in the World is the story of a family with three small children who went and lived in the woods of the Yukon for 9 months. They all came to the Q&A after the show and were completely delightful. All filmed by the mom, with occasional help from other family members and something called Trusty Tripod in the credits. Highly recommended.

My last movie was Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World. Lots of stunning vistas, of course, and a look at the community there who work together, Haida and non-Haida. I have a couple of connections to the islands and would love to go back! This won the Best Canadian Feature Documentary Award at the fest. Super, go see it if you can!

And now I have to go pick out a few choice photos to share with you from my trip to Cuba! Yes, a friend and I spent four days in Havana and I came back with over 300 pictures. Gimme a moment here.

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