Monday, May 25, 2015

More pretty pictures

I'd love to show you all my Cuba pictures, but I'm editing like heck here. We'll start with a few pictures from the hotel. 

The elevator only took children with an accompanist. Tee hee.

And this is the handrail in the hotel elevator. Not much left on the wood. The elevators did work fine, though!

A couple of car pictures. The yellow beauty above was spotted in the Plaza de la Revolución when we went through on a bus tour (on the second day, after walking 26,000 steps on the first day). I assume the fellow with the car will gladly take you for a ride, for a fee, but am not certain. 

And below, just some cars artfully arranged with some of the trees that looked like rhododendrons gone crazy. 

Oh, heck, let's look at more cars!

We were not really driving this baby. The cab driver took about a million pictures of us in the car, waving, standing up and so on. It was a Studebaker from 1951, I believe. 

There was a lot of this sort of thing: parking your nice car in front of a coordinating building. We wondered why a lot of them were painted pink -- to appeal to the ladies? 

Me and another cab. Cheaper, because not as flashy! On our way to dinner on the last night. 

Just a nice old green car. 

Wow, this one was obviously well loved. 

Practically a Cuban Batmobile, from the back. When we looked in the side windows, though, we saw broken windows, missing chrome, cardboard on the seats. Maybe the owner of this does not have a cousin in Miami to send him parts. 

And back to the bus tour and the Plaza de la Revolución. Huge, as you can see. 

You might not recognize this guy, Camilo Cienfuegos. He was one of the big three revolutionaries, along with Fidel and Che Guevara. (I misnamed him in this post: the third man is definitely Ceinfuegos and not Raúl.) 

If you don't recognize Che, I'm sorry to say that you are not alone. When we were in the airport on our way home, someone (who had apparently spent their time soaking up the sun at a resort and not going to museums in Havana) wondered why this one guy was on all the T-shirts. Honestly, I was gobsmacked. 

Some delightful glass in an awning to get away from politics and back to just gawking. 

More pictures from the bus tour: the lovely polka-dot building that could use some care, and a great coloured, curving-balconied, palm-tree-in-front building!

Followed by the building with a lace panel up the middle...

... and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, against a clear blue Cuban sky. 

These three brick towers are outside of the Museo de las Bellas Artes, Cuban collection. And they represent...

yes, indeed, three kinds of screwdrivers. I loved them. 

A funny tree to end off! I think I can manage one more post to round up my Cuba pictures, and then we'll move on. Until I go back...