Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just a brief note here

Well, we went on holiday. I took a ton of knitting and good intentions of having at least half a sweater done when we got back.

On Day 3, I somehow managed to whang my right index finger in the car door! This put a stop to all handiwork, lemme tell you. I do have a picture of it somewhere, in all its purple glory, but it's mostly better now.

When we got back I had almost three weeks of temperatures to record in my scarf, which I managed. My finger only really bothers me doing things like typing (!) and putting pressure on the very tip. So I shall work up some more knitting as soon as I can.

Arthur is off to university in the fall and I feel he should not go barefoot, so I have decided it is time to get to the darning pile -- easier than making whole new socks, I hope. So I imagine I can do my ridge on the temperature scarf, a bit of darning, and still get in a few rows now and then on my Action sweater.

I also have something like 1,000 pictures from two cameras to load onto the computer and admire... We've been back almost a week already and I'm just getting my land legs here.

Will post more soon!

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