Wednesday, July 01, 2015

There will be a new sweater

I am well on my way with my summer project of Action! My Plan of Action is to carry this plain stocking stitch knitting with me all over the place this summer, and to end up with a nice fall sweater just in time for fall. How about that?

This is the yarn: some ancient black Denim I bought on eBay some time ago. It is no longer made and is meant to fade delightfully. I really wanted to do something textural with it, so that the fading was more pronounced on the bumps and cables and nubbins, but I also wanted a super-simple project. This should still leave me with about 10 balls of it, so I am not giving up yet on the cabled gansey masterpiece.

I also need a few balls of dark blue and a few balls of lighter blue. I am using an old Denim cardigan, also bought some time ago on eBay, for the lightest, but I suspect the yarn is in fact the same as my other blue, after just a few washings to fade it. There is a very pale Denim, but I think it is even paler than the sweater I am unravelling. 

This pattern calls for the reverse stocking stitch side to be the right side, and also the pattern tells you to just secure the yarn ends and then leave them to fray, here and there. I think I won't do that! And I am still not sure about which side will be shown. 

For now I am finished with the stripes, just plugging along with black. Boring, a bit, but also fast. (Ducks to avoid smiting for being hubristic.)


  1. I gather it's cooler there than it is here. I sure wouldn't want to be knitting!


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