Sunday, October 18, 2015

Plus ça change...

I have had to put Action aside. No action on Action right now, because I have a Very Important Pair of socks to make. So, I am doing my best.

Meanwhile, we are coming up to election day in Canada.

Very nerve-wracking, because I am following both my main candidates on Twitter, and they are both so keen and upbeat, so I imagine that the race is close. Apparently, according to some polls, it is not close at all. According to some polls, the NDP will be more or less wiped off the Toronto map, which would be very sad. Justin Trudeau is not his dad, for sure, but at this point anything is better than our present Prime Minister. So, we learn all tomorrow.

Imagine how wracked my nerves would be if I cared about baseball! The Toronto Blue Jays were good in the 90s, but have done nothing much lately. This year, however, they have made it... to something... not sure, but people are very excited and if they don't win tomorrow, they will be eliminated and the Toronto sports fans will be, yet again, cast into the depths of despair. But they are used to it...

And that's all that's happening around here. Soon, rejoicing or rioting, and we have no way of knowing which it will be.

Oh, and sock knitting.


  1. So, are the socks for a very important damsel? How did the Jays do? I'm out of touch. : - )

  2. Liberal victory and the Jays live another day. Success!


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