Friday, October 30, 2015

The end of October

I recently realised that not only have I put aside my sweater to knit these socks, and this time last year I put aside my Kaffe Fassett squares to knit a sweater, but once I finish the socks I cannot get back to anything, because I have signed up for the Stephen West mystery knitalong.

It will be a shawl, and it needs three colours of fingering weight yarn. Of course I have three colours of fingering weight yarn lying around the house, so I found my colours in about five minutes.

I had these four to chose from, and I think I will do the yellow, the red (with a bit of orange just in case) and the multi-green. Because it is a mystery KAL, we have no idea about shape, colour placement, stitches used... so it seems sort of silly to get too stressed about it, but people are going to great lengths to chose between leventy-million colours of fancy-pants yarn. Heck, I haven't even made a swatch! (ha ha, make a swatch...?)

So, I have a bit more than half a sock left to knit, the KAL starts on the 6th and I go out to BC on the 10th. Will the KAL be sufficient for plane knitting, or do I need to get Action back in play as well? We shall see. But for now, my November plan is to knit this mysterious shawl, then in December I will pick up some abandoned project and finish it! I might even do a half-assed NaBloPoMo again, but I am out of town for a while in the middle of the month, so I don't expect to post every day. (What a plan: knit something, maybe blog.)