Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gearing up for another Hot Docs festival

At the end of April, the Hot Docs festival takes place here in Toronto. Ten days of all docs, all the time. I am volunteering again, but all my shifts are in the office, rather than in the cinemas. I remember last year thinking I should get out more in the hustle and bustle, but once again, when faced with a choice between a 3-hour shift using my knowledge of alphabetical order and sorting and categorizing, or a 5-hour shift ripping hundreds of tickets, I chose the office. I know my strengths...

I do, however, have 10 tickets to the festival, which come with my subscription to a year-long documentary series. So I sort that out first, getting morning screenings instead of late-night ones if I can, choosing some films for just me and some to drag family to. I will get more vouchers for tickets from volunteering, just to fill up every waking moment during those 10 days, despite the sensible part of my brain telling me that maybe 10 movies will be enough.

The whole lineup is here. I think I won't give you any hints, but will for sure keep you in the loop when I see the films. Some trailers are here: go crazy -- I have!