Sunday, March 20, 2016

Popping in here

A few things have happened around here. Not very much in the knitting department, really, because I have been flitting from project to project, knitting enough to hurt my arm, but not enough to have finished anything. The two main things are a fingering-weight hat and a "vintage" shawl -- from an old baby-shawl book. Alas, no pictures of either right now.

One of the things which messed my life up was that my phone died. I've never had that happen before. The phone was on the table, and when I picked it up it was really hot! Little mini battery explosion?? Who knows. But then it takes some time to get a moment to go to the shop, and it took forever to get the whole plan settled and fill out various forms, blah blah blah. Since the old phone didn't even turn on, they couldn't transfer my contact list over, and if there were any photos I hadn't downloaded, they are gone now. First world problem, I know.

I do have a couple of pretties to show you.

This is a thing I made before Christmas. Maybe I even posted about it before? Anyways, it is dangly bits from an old chandelier, stuck on a piece of dowel, with twinkly LED lights mixed in. Quite nice, but perhaps not the final stop for these danglers. I'd love to put it in a window, but my own window options are not great.

This is a poster my neighbour had. She lived with her diplomat husband in Havana in the early 70s and picked up some real treasures. She was selling three of her collection of posters, and this was my favourite. Todos a la Plaza = Everyone to the plaza to hear Fidel ramble on and on about stuff on July 26, the anniversary of the Revolution. I really like it and it is now in my dining room. (If only I were going to Cuba again soon....)

And finally, our neighbourhood Coopers Hawk is back in the park. A sure sign of spring!

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