Saturday, April 16, 2016

Just about the craziest hat

I knit a hat. I wonder if anyone will ever wear it out in public.

Grey plain ol' wool for some ribbing, then we alternate that and some golden/green/yellow/black eyelash fuzz.

Perfectly reasonable.

Not everybody thinks so.

A thing you should know before attempting this yourself: the eyelash yarn works better from one direction than it does from the other. I discovered this by working it from the wrong end. The threads bunched up weirdly around the needles instead of flowing smoothly along. Of course, once I figured this out I was well into it, and the thought of ripping this stuff out was too horrible to contemplate. 

Another thing that would be useful in planning your eyelash fuzz hat: the fuzz mainly goes to the purl side of the fabric. The ball band says to knit this on something like 7mm needles, and since I was also using DK wool, I was using 4mms. That might have had something to do with it; it might be more flowy on bigger needles. I just turned the hat inside-out when I was done. 

The "right" side
The "wrong" side

We seem to be past wool-hat weather here for this year. I think I'll try to photograph as many people as possible wearing this, and we'll see what happens come November.