Friday, April 21, 2017

Coming into Hot Docs season

Hot Docs starts next Thursday and I can already feel things slipping out of control.

I have signed up for six shifts during the festival, and have got myself tickets for... 11 movies. Three of my shifts are for the school program, where we get the kids seated and later clean up after them, but are able to watch the movie with them as well. So that's another five films, and some of those are the big-buzz shows.

Let's make a list, shall we?
  1. 78/52
  2. Brimstone and Glory
  3. The Girl down Loch Änzi
  4. Give Me Future
Plus, movies to be watched while making sure high school students don't get out of hand:

  1. Bee Nation
  2. Bill Nye: Science Guy
  3. Dolores
  4. Joshua: Teenager vs Superpower
  5. Step

I'll need some simple knitting for lineups. And I do have a family to tend to. And, let's not forget the root canal at the dentist next week! Yikes. 

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