Friday, April 28, 2017

Plain and fancy

Today some knitting news!

I needed bus and lineup knitting, and made two dishcloths.

Look at that pooling! Both cloths are two rows from one ball and two from the other, with different stitch patterns, and I think one cloth had 38 stitches and one had 37... not exactly sure about that...

I like this one! It's a Double Bump, and I wonder if I could ever repeat the pooling, or tweak it so the lines were straight.

This is Tweedish, another old favourite.

Another 8 days of film festival to go; luckily I found half a hat I can tuck in my bag. 

Finally, some pictures of the pinkish-green scarf. This was quite fun to knit but it's just not my colour! I bought the skein thinking the colours were more dispersed; should have looked more closely in the shop, and then, perhaps, I should have taken it back when I realized. I love the green, but am not sure what to do with such a pink scarf. 

Very clever dyeing here. And I love the pattern, Rising Sun.

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