Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Our partial eclipse

We have a deck on our top floor, too hot and sunny to ever sit on... So we sat on it for a couple of hours on Monday to enjoy the sun! 

I took this picture as the eclipse excitement was winding down, but it shows you the set-up for the other pictures. We have Stephen in the shade with his eclipse glasses on -- just for show; he didn't wear them all the time! The contraption in front of him is a little telescope on a tripod. The bottom of the Macbook Air box is a screen and the top, which the telescope pokes through, shields it from excess light. 

So what we get is an image through the telescope on the bottom screen! You will enjoy seeing the green masking tape holding a piece of white paper in place... And here we go...

1:21 pm














 3 pm, getting fuzzy as the sun goes behind the trees

Arthur had his big camera up there and we shall see what his experiments turn out like. Here he is just taking a picture of his dad. He really does cover himself with a black cloth so he can see through the camera properly.

We did a few other fun things, like look at the crescents through a colander.

As we were coming in, we noticed the sun was lining up with the venetian blinds to make a nice row of pinhole images, with slightly fuzzy and biggish crescents. 

Today more big excitement as the schedule for TIFF is released. Not sure I can stand this level of thrills for too much longer!

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