Monday, March 12, 2018

Muffin Monday: Easy Banana

Fun fact: You can bake things with Miracle Whip dressing instead of eggs and oil and stuff.

This week's recipe is the first banana recipe from my muffin book, and the first of two in the book involving Miracle Whip.

Very easy, just a few ingredients, no spices, no blueberries or nuts or chocolate chips. Mash up bananas with MW, add flour, soda, salt and sugar. Sort of like this.

They are okay, but not spectacular. A bit funny-textured, rubbery. I won't be switching to this for my favourite banana muffin recipe, but if one is stranded with only Miracle Whip and no eggs or oil, it's serviceable.

I took the remaining bran muffins out of the freezer the other day because we had people over for brunch, so I shall have to replace them with a few of these, because we still can't each eat a muffin a day. Mention was made today of my muffin "crusade," which I think is a bit much, really! Not even really an obsession....

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