Tuesday, January 26, 2021

It's snowing

This was taken this morning; it is now perhaps twice as deep! 

I know, this is not much of an update! 

It's always possible to see pictures at my Instagram, for when I am too lazy to make a whole blog post. 

I will show you a picture I put on Insta the other day! It is also snow-related. 

We learned (from another Instagram post!) that this pancake ice was forming on the Humber, Toronto's western river. It's a short walk from a subway station, so we put on our masks and went across town to see. My camera was almost out of power so I didn't take any video, but if you click through to that link you can see it swirling around. The river comes down off a weir, and some is frozen and some is not, and the ice is forming near the shore, and some water is fast and some is not... so you get swirls of ice in a round ice-free section. Quite nice. 

I might even have some knitting news soon! 

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