Wednesday, February 03, 2021

New month, new view

We have travelled. 


We are back in Vancouver for three months. We have an apartment overlooking the east end of False Creek, with the SkyTrain and an elevated highway between us and the water. A bit noisy, but it sort of all fades into the background. 

The flight was uneventful and not too crowded. Everyone just sat still and tried not to breathe for five hours. We had some N95 masks, we washed our hands, we got groceries delivered shortly after we arrived so we haven't been inside a store. I think we'll be okay! 

Vancouver is much less locked-down than Toronto. I am excited about the idea of actually going in to a shop without having pre-ordered something for pick-up. I've only really been in the grocery store for ... ages. 

We've only been here since Monday, though, so we are still not going in any stores. Luckily the view is pretty entertaining in all kinds of weather. 



  1. Hi, it's Patricia here, I met you while we were working on a blanket for Afghans for Afghanistan. All I have to say about Vancouver's not-so-locked-down-ness is Oh honey, it's because the BC chief medical officer of health, Dr Bonnie Henry, doesn't believe in aerosol transmission. So be very careful in those stores. <3


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