Thursday, February 11, 2021

Is it too ugly?

Once upon a time, maybe even this time last year, I found three balls of very ugly sock yarn in a thrift shop. I thought I could make a blanket or hats to keep someone warm. So muddy and grey and splotchy. 

I brought it with me to Vancouver, thinking that I'd never get around to doing anything with it if it wasn't my only option, so here I am, forced to make something with it. (I see that I have not told you about my other project, so we'll get to that soon!) 

Of course, hats for charity would be good. I think I could get a lap rug out three balls. Make something where this gloomy grey and brown mush won't get anyone down! What to do? 

I have started a baby dress for my niece! I wanted to make this pattern and I know the mom is not bothered by gender conventions in clothing. I figure that it could look like a bear pelt or some sort of woodland sprite. We don't all have to be princesses, now, do we? 

There is a ridged yoke, no real sleeves, and then a slightly flared dress down to more ridges at the bottom. 

I just have to shape the underarms now and then zoom quickly down the body. I hope this is not all a big mistake! 

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