Saturday, February 13, 2021

Cosy little lap rug

This is what I started working on in January in Toronto after I finished the many dishrags. A bunch of lone balls of fingering weight yarn... when will I ever reach the end of this pile? I keep finding more, just when I think I have knitted it all up. 

A designer made special yarn and used it in a 12 Days of Christmas scarf pattern. It's 12 different stitch patterns, of which I used seven in this. I made it wider than a scarf, so this is baby-blanket sized; we now use it to warm our legs on the couch in the evening. 

That bright turquoise and the browny-red next to it are Jamiesons jumperweight wool, from the pile I picked up from my neighbour last August. It is lovely and colourful and made me sneeze like anything, so I packed up the rest of it and sold it to another knitter on Ravelry! (Bargain for her, tiny profit for me.)

The rest of it is nice Koigu and other things I seem to have picked up here and there. It's dark, not really baby colours, and it can't be machine washed or thrown in the dryer, so I do declare that it is ours to keep! 


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