Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not just a knitting blog!

Now, lemme tell you, this is not just a knitting blog, no, not even just a knitting blog/ travelogue! We now offer you the cooking show portion of the blog!

Once, long, long ago, I bought one of those 101 Great Christmas Cookies magazines. We have a few favourites, but I bet there are about 95 recipes we've never tried. So I set the kids to look through and find something new to make. Ack, Arthur picked meringues! I love to eat them, but thought they were hard to make. And we have no electric mixer! Actually, we have the body, but I can't find the whipper part! So, we
set to work (after I cleared the dining room table of all junk, thinking all the while, "maybe I really am born to clean!") with a whisk and 4 egg whites. Who knew what soft peaks are, or stiff but glossy peaks!? Well, now I know we definitely got soft peaks, but I'm not sure we ever made it to "stiff but glossy."
But we did manage to make little white blobs, and put sprinkles on them, and bake them, and now we've just about eaten them all! So I guess it was a success all around! Next time, I'm waiting till we have a mixer, coz I injured my knitting muscles with all that whisking!
For our next trick, we'll make our fave molasses cookies, I think, if I can find molasses in the grocery store. If only I could find the Aunt Jemima aisle... So far all I've come across is golden syrup, which I used to love on vanilla ice cream, but I'm sure it won't work in molasses cookies!

On the knitting front, three stockings down, one to go!

(And Arthur had one heck of an omelet for dinner!)

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