Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Snow day activities

Here we are frolicking in the snow yesterday! It was not a lot of snow, but it was good and sticky and made great snowballs and piles to smash, and what more do we need. It mostly disappeared through the day, but more fell in the night!
If one shops for postcards and calendars of Cambridge scenes, there's always one of some snow, but never very much snow! I bet the pros were out in force getting the new picture of the chapel lightly dusted. My guys went out in search of thrills, but found that the town, lately so jammed with shoppers from the neighbouring area, was practically deserted. All the college stuff is closed up and the students have mostly vanished, so the few tourists in town have nowhere to go.
And of course, we had all our new toys to play with at home. You might have thought the favourite present would be the truck or the building toys or the half-knitted front of the Weasley sweater*, but I think Arthur liked the Cambridge Monopoly game the best. He whupped his parents totally in one afternoon. Arthur and I played and knitted for a bit, we took a break for a bit, played for a bit, and then, just before the complete rout, I handed over the game to Stephen, who oversaw the demolition of our entire fortune. (Those red cards in front of Stephen are all mortgaged!) Arthur had three of the transportation cards (instead of 4 railroads, there are the train station, airport, bus station and the Backs, for the river traffic) so that the rent on each one was 100 pounds. He got the cheap properties and quickly built hotels, since he kept landing on Free Parking and raking in all my tax money.... Oh, the misery of it.
But I could console myself with a cup of tea from my new teapot. Looky here! It's a hexagonal Victorian pillar box teapot!! Who would make such a thing? It's lovely!
I also got a gift certificate at the yarn shop, and ... oh, a Cambridge Monopoly game. Arthur and I spotted it one day, but didn't buy it. Then Arthur and Stephen saw it, and got it for me. Then Arthur and I were back in that street and I suggested we get it for Stephen this time, but he hemmed and hawed and suggested we should pass... you never know what might turn up under the tree... And then I lost so miserably.

*I made a valiant attempt at getting both initial fronts done on the kids' Weasley sweaters, but with them home from school for a few days before the 25th, it was pretty hopeless. I have now finished Elaine's front, and am well on the way on the A, but then, of course, I have backs and sleeves to knit! Their birthdays are coming...

Beep, beep, last minute announcement!! Cambridge knitters, Robert Sayle is having a wee sale and they have Debbie Bliss Maya for £4.50 (or was it £4.25?) and Merino Chunky for £1.45!! Rowan All-season Cotton, Cotton Tape, and another bin of decent acrylic, but I got stuck in the really nice stuff and couldn't spare a moment for the pretty nice stuff! Not much left, but run over asap! I just hopped in for a 40 cm circular 4 mm needle, and found myself quickly losing control....

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