Wednesday, December 14, 2005

OK, Santa, we're ready!

Here are the four stockings. I finished the last one last night, mostly in the pub, with Liz and Anne, who has documented the whole affair, and Rosie and several others! I had enough of the red left for maybe half a stocking, so "next time" I would make each one a little bigger. But there will be no next time, really. Now we just have to figure out how to set them up for Santa. We have a brick fireplace-like thing with a square hole in it, which used to hold an electric fire, but now is just a hole. Poor Santa will have to come in through the front door, I guess.
And here is one of them with the buttons I got yesterday. I wonder if I should sew some of them on to make initials or other designs... I love sifting through bins of buttons and coming up with some gems, and I did just that in a thrift store yesterday, after a rather fruitless Christmas shopping attempt. I got the kids some clothes that they needed, but had no luck with the secret fun stuff.
Now, do you think I can knit those Harry Potter sweaters before the 25th? Do you think I should even try??