Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The stinkiest cheese in the world

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We went to the cheese shop today. Usually we buy
whatever takes our fancy at Tesco, but lately
Stephen's been eating stilton and liking the stinky
blue cheeses. So Arthur and I thought we'd get him
something special, and went to the specialists.
We got a fine bluish brie-ish thing that I can't
remember the name of. It's quite nice, and pictured on
the right. (You'll find out why they are all wrapped
up in a sec!)

And then my eye was caught by
something called Stinking
! Not blue, but who could resist? Apparently Wallace
and Gromit like it
I should have googled it before I opened it! The most
pongy cheese in these islands, says one report. Smells
like old socks, says another. Apparently they make
cheese, then "wash" it in
, which is pear cider, made from Stinking
It actually tastes not bad, if you can get it up to your mouth without fainting from the smell, but I wouldn't take it to
a party... And I don't think I can keep it in my fridge for too long!

And what does Stephen think of it?

Hmmmm, not bad!