Monday, June 02, 2008

June list

The beginning of the month is a good time to sort things out, settle things down, straighten things up. Let's see now....

I would like to show you pictures, but one camera is dead (really dead; every picture it takes is totally black) and the other is off with Stephen today.

I'm still happily working on the big brown thing. I still don't have enough yarn and have tried two small yarn shops in vain. A trip to Romni is in order. I should really take with me my Friend Who Buys More Than Me, but I already took her to Lettuce the other day, where she dutifully did her part.

I'm also working on a sock, just because. I'm turning the heel. I got this yarn from Heather a while back, and thought I'd written about it, but maybe not. It's what you'd call "colourful." The pink on the left there is Tofutsies which Haley gave me.

And I'm acquiring new yarn, too, though not really with much purpose. There was a swap at Knitomatic yesterday and I took up a garbage bag full of stuff I'd collected... People know I do charity knitting and clubs with kids, so they tend to donate/dump yarn. Mostly I really appreciate this, but sometimes it just seems stupid for me to store all this stuff I'm probably not going to use. It's not like 10-year-olds learning to knit are going to use up more yarn than a constantly knitting adult!

Anyways, I took up some nice stuff and some crap and brought home 3 balls of Debbie Bliss merino dk and 2 more balls of garish sock yarn!

After the swap, I returned to our street, where our annual street party was in full swing. We do many silly things, including sell our junk to one another at our little yard sale. I came away with two balls of glittery something, which I will photograph for you one day soon. It's not fuzzy, just shimmery, and perhaps I can even hold it together with the Debbie Bliss, which can only be described as "pale putty" coloured and could use some perking up. Sometimes I feel I have to use up the silly acquisitions even more desperately than the stuff I really have an idea for when I get it! This is foolish, I know...

Goals for the future

I hope to finish the brown wool wrap in June, though it won't get much use then!

And something for my mom's birthday in July
And the jazzy socks
And the Basalt tank (oh, my gosh!)
And some lace

That's more than enough for June! So here's my one vow for June: I will not cast on anything new! I'll put an end to the startitis which is creeping up and gaining control!

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