Friday, May 01, 2009

Changing months, changing directions

Thanks for your kind comments about my shawl!

And now, not only has April come to an end, but a subsection of Project Spectrum is as well.

In March and April we were dealing with the North, green, stones and so on. I made some green dishcloths and my green vest. Yesterday I bit the bullet and put some dang ribbing around the armholes, and voila, a Finished Object! It's a bit form-fitting, but that's good, and it's a bit multi-patterned, and that's good, too!

Some green socks sat unloved in a bag, though. No progress there.

In May and June, the PS directions switches to the East. Yellow, wood, spring and air are the focus, though Lolly stretched the yellow to include "yellows and golds, whites, browns, grays, more greens" which opens many more doors! I have the Louvre floor blanket squares to work on and some more unfinished socks which are grey and green. That's a start... However, I have a date at Romni Wools today, so I may just come home with a Rosedale's worth of yarn.

And you just shush about any other projects that might be waiting unloved in nooks and crannies of my home! I have kind of decided not to buy a Whitby's worth of denim...

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  1. I've been away from my pc for a while, and in that time you've been very productive. I wish I could say the same thing hmpff!

    Hope you had a lovely time playing in the shop, I'm sure you did ;)


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