Monday, October 05, 2009

Lots of things to blather randomly about

That is the latest from Stephen.

This is the latest from me:

Do we notice that the lapels are two slightly different browns? No, I certainly hope not.

Room to grow! She'll need a wee neckwarmer, perhaps!

I spent Sunday afternoon at a baby shower. It seemed the walls were dripping with estrogen... I had wine, strong coffee, and the house was catty, so my head was swimming and my eyes were streaming after a while. But it was great fun, and how often are you invited to rant on about birth stories and nursing trials and triumphs? And I got to show off to a woman from Twickenham, when I actually knew where Twickenham is, thanks to my watching of the Richmond Upon Thames Daily Photo blog.

I gave the mom the lovely but somewhat problematic, because not machine washable and sooo heavy, log cabin blanket, garnering oohs and aahs from the crowd! After a while we all realised that no one was taking pictures, and someone finally dug a camera out. If I get a picture of the blanket at the shower, I'll show you -- I think there was only one picture taken, of two knitters trying to figure out how it was made... Trust the knitters to turn it over and look at the underside!

I am swatching and pondering about the Kureyon sock yarn cardigan, and am keen to get going on that, but am amusing myself at present with a Hallowig.

I'm not sure about the glowing in the dark business. We've tried, but the results have not been impressive. Also I don't have 5 mm dpns, so who knows how I'll manage the top decreases. Likely I'll find a melange of 4.5s and 6s, and see what happens...

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  1. the sweater came out adorable!

    can't wait to see the finished glow in the dark hallowig!


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