Friday, April 09, 2010

Back in the saddle

Thanks for all your kind words. I have recovered from that little setback, and while I am not yet showing off a finished sweater, I think we're well on our way again.

Here is a photo I took a week and a bit ago, when I was cruising along on the yoke.

April Fools! It was all wrong, even then... But I was so pleased with my two skiers zipping down the back!

I took the whole yoke out, and decided, maybe rightly and maybe not, that it would ultimately be better if I worked on all the little bits one at a time.

So now I have two complete fronts, and two complete sleeves. I knitted the two sleeves at the same time and followed the slightly boggling raglan decreases in the pattern (a stitch at each end every 3 rows for a bit, then every 2 rows, but up at the top, decreases every row!) so I know they are the same, and should fit!

The back still looks like this, with the second skier's torso all in a mess! There's not even a knitting needle holding him together!

Onward and upward! I won't shock you even further with pictures of the inside, but I've got lots and lots of ends to hide before I can breath easy.

One likes to have those monthly goals written down, even if they are rarely met, so I'll tell you now that by the end of April, I will have a finished Skiers, and a finished Acres of Mesh! How's that for "onward and upward"!


  1. Acres of mesh finished for spring. Perfect timing.

  2. The sweater looks eyes just want to keep looking at it. Love the colours

  3. wow - it's looking completely amazing!! i'm loving the little ring of red pine trees around the yoke!


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