Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cable swatch #1 and other gems

This is the pattern for March 9 from the VK Stitch-a-day 2010 calendar. They call it Firefly, for some reason. Columns of 4 knit stitches, separated by a purl, and off-set pairs of cables. I'd maybe use it for a blanket where sheer size would be impressive, but wouldn't be too tempted to make a sweater with it.

It is my first item in the Cable-a-day KAL I have joined on Ravelry, though I am only aiming for a cable a week! It's in Twilley's denim cotton, and perhaps I should have done another repeat of the pattern to allow for shrinkage, but we are just trying to be free and easy here!

I have also been working on my carefree la-de-da cotton scarf. Elaine says she will make her own pink scarf, thank you very much, so I hope to get this off to the Children's Aid. It will only take one of my two skeins, so I might just whip up another sometime this summer and send them both off.

It really is that pink! I changed the stitch pattern from the one in VLT -- that one had only k2tog as a decrease, and I thought the fabric wanted to slant, and would be a big ol' pain to block out. So I switched to this: k2tog, yo, K1, yo, SSK, K1. Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum.

And I'll end with a show of what I am not knitting! I got a book out of the library called Knitting Lace, by Barbara Abbey. Full of delicate gorgeous things, made in what I would call crochet cotton. However, I would need to rewrite the patterns, or learn a whole new language!

I did catch on that / means "knit two together" and 00 means a double yarnover. Hoo la. For now, I'll just look at the pictures.


  1. oh my goodness - that pattern is crazy!!! did you crack the code and figure out what that huge upside down U means?

  2. I think those offset cables are kinda sweet.

  3. I have that book, I think Barbara Abbey did it long before charts were catching on and made up her own shorthand. Great patterns, though.


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