Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update on the chia pet

A while ago, I tried to sprout an old Chia pet. It was not a success. I ended up scraping all the old seeds off and throwing up my hands.

But then! I had a package of broccoli seeds, and they are just tiny enough to fit in Chia pet grooves, so I gave it a shot! They don't get that gooey coating when wet, and they stick to your damp fingers like seed beads or something -- not fun, really.

It didn't get much coverage, due to that lack of gooeyness! But, if they all sprout, it'd still look cool.

Some tiny progress. Note the little sproutlet on the tray below. I think they sprout and then fall off, for lack of goo, or lack of rootable surface??

One valiant survivor, many fallen troops. I'll have to take the sprouts outside and set them free in the garden, to see if any will give me actual broccoli! I don't think we're going to see any marvels growing on the pet, but you can be sure I'll show you if this little guy gets much bigger!


  1. I tried to grow a chia pet once but all the "fur" grew completely sideways in one direction. It looked as if the "pet" was standing in a strong wind.

  2. oh no, poor mr. chia! (ms. chia?)
    i think it would have been fun to grow broccoli on a chia pet! too bad it didn't work out...


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