Friday, May 07, 2010

Something new

Progress so far: I looked at the ol' denim cardigan and wondered, "Maybe I washed and shrunk this already. Otherwise, how did these ends get so darn tangled?" But, I noticed that really it was practically all done. The buttonbands were on! So, I trimmed some ends and threw it in the washer, perhaps for the second time. Didn't dry it bone dry in the dryer, so it is lying upstairs on a rack right now. I have to decide whether to fuss about having preshrunk yarn to sew it up. I wonder if this is where I stopped the last round! In any case, we're well on our way with that project!

I thought I should have an easy portable fun project, instead of starting a new sweater.

So I got out this hot pink cotton that a friend gave me, and have embarked on a simple lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today. The yarn is not at all as fine as suggested, so I am hoping for a wider wrap than the 8" scarf in the book. I once got these wooden needles at a yarn swap and they seem fine for this job. So far, so good.