Saturday, May 22, 2010

Such fun

I still go in once in a while to knit with the kids at Arthur's school. Some are coming along fine, but our dream of a blanket of squares will not be realised this year!

A while ago, I took in a few Knifty Knitters, giant knitting spools, because some of the students found it hard to manipulate 2 sticks.

However, I neglected to take in protective casings for them, and somehow they became completely and uselessly tangled up! The little balls of thin acrylic yarn, which is pretty useless on these giant things anyways, just exploded all over the knobs, and it was a giant mess.

Lucky for everyone, I have a compulsion to disentangle things like this. The thin yarn will go to a swap tomorrow (if all goes well) and the hoops will go back to school next week.

The best thing about this whole exercise was using the editing tool on the photos -- who needs to vacuum if you can just erase the cracker crumbs?


  1. You make me laugh ! :0))))

  2. you make me laugh too - i am totally going to start editing crumbs and messes out of my photos!!


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