Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty things

I got some fuzzy blue unlabeled yarn at a yard sale 10 days ago, and quick as a wink made this little triangle.

It will block out a bit, and go to the Children's Aid for someone to snuggle up with. Why can't I do that with the yarn I actually go to the store and choose myself?

not bacon, but quartz!

Yesterday I took Elaine and a bunch of kids to the ROM. Their class was going on a field trip to the Cadbury chocolate factory, but the chocolate people wouldn't let in anyone with food allergies or sensitivites, so there were a few who were unable to go.

Luckily we had 3 parents for 5 children, so that worked well. No chocolate, but we had fun, and since the class is studying rocks and minerals, we got to see all these pretty things. (No flash, museum lighting.)

my favourite, malachite!

One day I will put all my whitish wool into a blanket like this. Must remember that a touch of gold will set it all off nicely!


  1. gorgeous shawl!
    (and i would vote that it's hard for you to work on projects for yourself because you have such a big generous heart!)

    what amazing minerals - if i was a dyer i'd make yarn just like that malachite stone! amazing color!!

  2. All of those minerals would make beautiful yarn colors. Too bad about the choc. though.


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