Thursday, November 03, 2011

A few pictures of stuff

This is my little baby avocado. It just sprouted a while ago, and you can see it is taking after its pal, growing super tall and not at all bushy. I think they don't get enough light, and just stretch and stretch trying to reach the sky.  Poor deluded things.

Another crazy horticultural marvel... Long, long ago (what, 5 or 6 months ago?) I scattered some seeds that were supposed to grow flowers that would attract butterflies. Well, it is now November, and my one cosmos flower is finally in bloom. It is very lovely, but I rather expected more of them, and perhaps a few months ago! Who knows what is going on?

Now, finally, a second piece of knitting. The left front of the Botticelli is done, and (phew) it is the same length as the back. (It's kind of rolled up at the bottom, but really, it's good.)

I really love the "wrong" side of striped stocking stitch. For a while, I considered making it the "right" side, and so didn't weave my ends in. I think, though, smooth side out. One more front to do, and then we tackle the sleeves. I'm still fretting about matching the stripes at the top of the sleeve, thinking about a little stripey cuff and mostly plain brown sleeve?

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  1. Do you have lots of yarn left in any of the color pairs? If you did the sleeves all striped in one color pair, the top match wouldn't matter as much. If you had enough to use the topmost color combo, it would match at the shoulder!


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