Thursday, January 28, 2016

Done the Clapper

My Clapotis is done. I ran out of my little balls of yarn just before the end, so I used leftovers from my mittens.

Bluish bits in the middle part. 

It's huge, though maybe you can't tell from here.

Shoe for scale.

It's very light and drapey, and even though the colours seem a bit nuts one by one, I really like it all together, scrunched up around my neck or lightly covering my shoulders indoors.


  1. I made one once I liked, but the colors weren't really me. I gave it to a friend who wears it all time. It is a great pattern, no?

  2. I admire your bravery in using so many different colored unlabeled yarns- and it totally paid off! I think you should include a picture of it around your neck- I bet it looks wonderful!

  3. I tried SO HARD to make one of those but...nope. Gave up after the fourth attempt. I'm an experienced knitter but some things just don't make sense.


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