Monday, January 04, 2016

Showing off another FO

Another wee hat for 1000 Stitches for Syria. This is also made from odd bits of sock yarn, 80 stitches, 4.5 mm needles. Apparently this pink had quite a bit less yardage than the black and white did, because the hat's just about 6 inches high, and I used every scrap. The last few decrease rows were made with yet another yarn.

I'd like to go off to the LYS to drop these off, but my foot hurts! I didn't tell you yesterday about my misadventure in the hotel swimming pool... I was getting in the deep end of the little pool by going down a ladder, thought the deep end wasn't very deep, and stepped down... into nothing! My head went under and my foot, flailing around for the bottom, landed crookedly. I sort of have a bruised baby toe, which sounds ridiculous, but which actually impedes normal walking quite a bit! (Also, it is finally super cold: -15ºC today. That might have something to do with it as well.)

Might sit around with my foot up, might venture out. We shall see.


  1. I vote for sitting with your foot up. And if it doesn't feel better soon, go get it checked in case you broke a tiny little toe bone.

    Cute hat!

  2. I hope your toe recovers quickly. I know how much one depends on thatb toe. I had a friend who dislocated her teeny baby toes, and she COULD NOT walk at all.
    Nice hat.


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