Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Show off -- a Christmas sewing project

I made Elaine a tote bag for Christmas. It's purple!

Nice big pocket on the outside, for, you know, the map of Paris or the paperback On the Road. And a little purple notebook for those jottings one must always be making.

Exquisitely lined in more purple. There's also a cell-phone-sized pocket inside. Not shown: the ultra-clever strap with a key-ring on a clip -- no more fumbling around for keys.

The most exciting thing of all is the little pouch with an actual zipper!

I watched a Craftsy class about bags and zippers, which was quite good. I wish I had watched it before buying the zipper, because it tells you to just use the middle part of the zipper, not bothering with those pesky end bits. If I'd known about that, I'd have bought a longer zipper, to make this just a wee bit bigger.

It is just about the perfect size for all those little things young ladies have to carry around with them. And so clever!

Next sewing project might just be pyjamas. I bought fabric and pattern months ago, but am slightly hesitant to do anything other than just straight lines! Meanwhile I have cast on for ... three or four new knitting projects. New Year's startitis!

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  1. Happy New Year! I must say I am enjoying your funny comments over at Mason Dixon. Celebrate startitis!


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