Friday, April 18, 2014

Away for the weekend

It's Easter, and we are riding the rails down to London to spend a couple of days with my brother and his family. I hope to accomplish several things:

  1. Shop for a sewing machine! If I buy one, I'll have to bring it back on the train, but it seems the best idea, because I can shop with my SIL who knows something about sewing machines. The Sew Show is here next weekend, and a girl could get a "deal," but it is not convenient for me to get to and I have other plans for next weekend anyways. 
  2. Read a Jasper Fforde novel. I have read the first in this series and I *think* I have read the second. Yeah, pretty sure... So, this is the third, and one I have on my bookshelf.
  3. Knit. Now, there's a thing... I have started the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Knitalong, but of course I did not go out and buy 17 different colours of wool, delightful though that would have been. I am making my squares in Denim. One square pattern has been released, so I will just putter along with that. Not even sure I will make squares, or just keep going and make a strip. Only time will tell. 
  4. Knit something else. I bought a 9-inch circular needle, and will attempt to knit a sock, holding teeny tiny needle ends delicately in my fingertips. I like this idea a lot in theory, and I did try the needle out in the shop, but I am somewhat nervous and think I might find it awkward after a bit. No trouble with losing a sock needle on the train, and no opportunity to poke oneself in the face while squinting up close at dropped stitches, so I think it will all be good. Right? 
I have no pictures. Not even pictures of flowers poking into view, although I have seen a crocus and heard rumours of daffodils. Perhaps next week!