Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend accomplishments

Oh me, oh my.
I bought a sewing machine.

All in all, I had a pretty good weekend:
  1. Shop for a sewing machine! DONE, and I didn't even have to bring it home on the train. They are shipping it to me tomorrow. So I just have to finish up everything here before then... It's a Pfaff. I'll show you when it comes!
  2. Read a Jasper Fforde novel. NOT YET DONE. I started, and will finish, but the bouncy train is no good for reading and the chatty family is not, either!
  3. Knit. IN PROCESS. I finished clue #1 of the knitalong, just knitting and knitting till I finished a ball of Denim, and then attached a new ball, found a new pattern and carried on. I am always surprised by the Rav chit-chat about this. People are crazy for getting gauge, worrying about half an inch on one of 48 or 64 or whatever squares, and talking about sewing it together when it's a mystery knitalong and we don't know what the designer has in mind. (I am not worried about it, because I know I won't do what the designer says, anyways!)
  4. Knit something else. IN PROCESS. Still no verdict on the teeny sock needles. I found it easier to knit the denim, so I have just a few inches, mostly ribbing, but nothing very exciting yet. 
  5. Hang out, go shopping, have dinner, play pool, talk about renovation, talk about aches and pains... DONE.
I'll get pictures of all this stuff tomorrow when the friendly UPS guy brings my machine. Pretty exciting!

I won't even have much time to fuss about with it for a little while, since it is Hot Docs time again. I am working 6 volunteer shifts and have a bazillion movies to see. (Those are the ones I already have tickets for. There are plenty more that I am excited about as well!) Fun times ahead.