Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Maybe it's spring

A lovely fluffy dandelion head. The city has stopped putting weed-killer on public land, so there are dandelions all over the parks and roadsides. An improvement all around, I think.

I am knitting a cotton shawl. I imagine using it this summer in the mountains and on the beach, but my design has changed drastically since I began.

It started out a simple triangle, getting one stitch wider every row. Here it is with my giant witchy shawl. It needs to get a lot bigger to really wrap around me! But, my needle is full of stitches and the rows are getting really long (it seems) and maybe I should do something else now.

So I found this pattern, called Peruvian Lace, on my 2010 Vogue Knitting calendar, and will make the pointy bit the end of a long wrap, this straight striped bit the middle, and some other pointy bit on the other end.

This will take forever, I think. It is a 10 row pattern, and 6 of those rows are plain knitting, but the big knotty loops are very time-consuming. 

You knit a row making double loops on each stitch (I shake my head, recalling I chose to do this because I couldn't fit more stitches on my needle...) then on the next row, you take the stitches 4 at a time, drop the extra loops, and do K1, P1, K1, P1 in each group of 4 stitches. I think it is somewhat unusual and exotic and unique, but it's a pain sliding all those double stitches on to the point of the circular needle. (Whine, whine about nothing....)

Must crack on, so as to have this done before I go to said mountains and beaches!

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