Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Three more movies

Since we last spoke, I have seen three movies. Let's see if I can remember what they were.

Sunday afternoon was The Last Laugh. This might have been the best so far. Mel Brooks, Rob Reiner, Sarah Silverman, Robert Clary (who was in Buchenwald and acted in Hogan's Heroes) and others talk about the difference between a Nazi joke and a Holocaust joke (and then there's plain old Jewish jokes).

Mel Brooks said he could certainly do Nazi jokes (he wrote The Producers) but he wouldn't touch a Holocaust joke... although he laughed at some! Lots of talk with comedians and Holocaust survivors, including Renee Firestone, about what humour can do. Really interesting as well as funny.

That evening I went to see Gary Numan: Android in La La Land. Really, the last time I paid attention to Gary Numan must have been about 1982. We all loved -- and then got sick of -- Cars, and then that was it. But he continued to do things after that: making and losing money, finding the perfect wife, dealing with crippling anxiety, starting to make successful albums again.

Yesterday's movie was one I'd been really looking forward to, Contemporary Color. David Byrne was involved and, I mean, if David Byrne likes it, it must be good, right? I'm not sure what I was expecting, but what we got was a concert film, more or less. High school colour guard teams evolved from baton twirlers and military parades and half-time shows and probably other things! They toss (fake) rifles in the air, they toss flags in the air, they do sort of gymnastics and sort of ballet and sort of synchronized swimming on land. David Byrne decided this was a great thing and arranged a show with live music and ten teams performing. We get a bit of backstage chatter, a few interviews with excited kids... all a bit weird.

Today, no movies! Back into action tomorrow -- and Arthur should be coming home tomorrow as well! Much excitement.