Sunday, May 22, 2016

New old patterns

Last night I went to the Distillery District to see a play at Soulpepper Theatre. We saw the Odd Couple, which was quite fun, but my modern, sympathetic daughter did not enjoy the fact that most of the humour was actually kind of mean. Why are they laughing at Felix? Indeed.

Fun fact #1: One of the actors was Derek Boyes, who was a couple of years ahead of me at my high school! Cool. Great to see that he is a nice guy, as well as someone I sorta knew.

Fun fact #2: There is a shop across the way from the theatre, where, if you get to the theatre too early, you can browse through "vintage" and "retro" and various bath oils... I dunno. Anyways, I found the box that said, "Knitting patterns, 10 for $10."

In no particular order, then...
These two are from a Disco-era Pinguin magazine. Many novelty yarns in one sweater, and you can even find a model with a cigarette!

Fabulous fashions! No date, but I'm guessing early 60s. Each pattern can be made in any of three yarns, and they give the different stitch counts, but to change sizes, it looks like you just change needle size and gauge. No wonder if people had trouble getting their garment to look like the picture!

Can't get much more fashion fun than a crocheted jumpsuit, can you? 

This book is a gem of 1960s delights. Much crazy crocheting, but also a knitted skirt and jacket set that is not bad. The jumpsuit, though, is the best. 

This is an "all-purpose cardigan" from Monarch. This pattern book cost 25¢ originally, and is dated 1946. If only people in 1946 came in larger sizes. Really, was everyone a 36" bust then?

This is from a Spinnerin booklet from 1960. Very nice -- I love those big collars, but might find it a bit hot to wear. 

More Spinnerin from 1966. Très chic chapeau, here. I think Elaine needs this whole outfit. 

These are from the same book. The red coat is super, and the pattern says you can just use the knitted pieces as a pattern and make yourself a lining. "Assemble lining, making 1/2 inch seams." Those were the days. 

Last but not least, three little pamphlets. The raglan jacket, again with the big collar, is my favourite. One day I will make the pheasant sweater, maybe! 

I think I had other things to say, but these put all other thoughts out of my mind. I'll remember another day...