Thursday, June 16, 2016

Got some yarn

Quite some time ago, like almost three weeks ago, I went to the Textile Museum volunteers' annual sale. It was such a madhouse this year, in a new, more cramped location, so I got out in a hurry and didn't get a whole lot of stuff. I did pick up some fabric that I think I'll make a skirt out of, and a couple of books, including Rowan 7 for a dollar.

I also picked up a bag of wool bits. It looks like someone made a fancy-pants fair isle thing and gave their leftovers to the museum sale.

The marvellous thing is, they included their cheat-sheet, with the poetic names of the colours. Curry, lagoon, nut... red. It's about 250 grams altogether. 

I think I will start with a pair of Alice Starmore mittens. Maybe for an Olympic project this summer? If that doesn't drive me crazy, a hat. 

My friend also went to the sale, and also bought some odds and ends, and then had a change of heart and just gave me the bagful. Since I hadn't chosen this yarn, hadn't paid for it, had no allegiance to it at all, I dropped everything to knit with it. Weird how that works. It was so cute in its little skeins.

See how quickly I thought, "Ah, I should take a picture for the blog." 

I mixed most of those whitish bits in with the finer yarns. There were a couple of bits of mercerized cotton I didn't include, and a pale blue chenille that was just not right, but everything else got made into a (not very big) garter stitch scarf. 

I didn't get very far before I got bored and did some short rows to make a triangle of light blue.

Some eyelets even appeared later on. 

If I were doing it again, I'd use a slightly bigger needle. Actually if I were doing it again, I might knit really long rows, and change colours every row or two! There were so many ends; I wanted to leave them as a design element, but my kids pointed out that really they didn't look like anything but a bunch of dangly ends left by a lazy knitter. 

I have more to show you! Maybe tomorrow!

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