Monday, June 20, 2016

Some knitting and perhaps some sewing

I am still plugging away at this cotton shawl, although it is often too hot to work with most of a shawl sitting in my lap.

I did the triangle bit for a while, then I switched to some "Peruvian Lace" for a straight stretch, and now, with 4 balls of yarn left, I am starting to decrease to a point again.

Nothing to show of the new part. I have done a few rows of a simple slanting eyelet pattern, and will decrease only on one side, so the whole thing will be not only in three stitch patterns, but also asymmetric and lopsided. I hope it is long enough! I am going to BC in a couple of weeks and would like to have this done for then, for strolling along the beach in the evening and so on.

Another thing I would like to have done for that trip is a bag made of these scraps of jeans. So far, this is all I've done, although there are ideas whirling about. I hope to have something to show in a few days. First thing might be to make all the pieces about the same size.... hmm.