Monday, June 27, 2016

Another hat and so on

Once upon a time I was invited to a knit night with some neighbours. The person whose turn it was to host was someone I'd never met before, but the knitters were all very friendly and I went along. Actually, I google-mapped her house first because it was a bit outside the immediate hood, and then I had not only knitting reasons to go, but real-estate-gawker reasons as well.

When I had young kids, I would aim to go out around 7 and be back home for bedtime, but these modern folk seem to stay home till the kids are in bed and then head out, staying out knitting and whooping it up till all hours. So... I am always first to arrive.

I got to my very lovely destination and my hostess, in between running around with family, asked if I would like a drink. We eventually ended up in what I think of as her "would-you-like-a-drink room." Close to the kitchen, dining room, living room and family room, it was a large pantry with a fridge, snacks in the cupboards, a wall of bottles and glasses for all occasions. I'm sure I was gawping.

We had prosecco.

And, in order to have something small and easy to knit on, I had started a hat. Which I have now finished. More leftovers from the Temperature Scarf.

Arthur kindly modeled for me, although it's a tad warm these days. Yes, it matches his hair.

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