Friday, August 05, 2016

A loose end

This is my third "use up the leftovers" hat with the Koigu from my Temperature Scarf. This one is on 152 stitches, which is what the pattern says. I have used 144 before, and this one is definitely for a big ol' man's head, not for a teenage girl's.

I really like the faded-denim blue. It didn't get much used in the scarf, since it signified below -15ºC, but while knitting this cuff I had visions of me going to the store to buy enough for a cardigan for myself. Haven't done it yet, and I now imagine I won't ever get around to it, but I do like it a lot!

I gave the hat to John, cap'n of the Golden Dawn. I don't have a decent picture of the boat, and I don't have a picture of him with the hat, but here we all are in front of a 800-year-old spruce tree at Windy Bay on Lyell Island. John is the one squishing down, perhaps to fit in the picture?! (My SIL Mary, me, Stephen, John)