Monday, August 22, 2016

Almost a mitten

I knitted this in the blazing heat (and also in the pouring rain). I believe I deserve a medal just for showing up and trying.

The past two weeks have, of course, been all about the Games. The Ravellenic Games on Ravelry. One is supposed to challenge oneself to knit (or whatever) something in the time between the opening and closing ceremonies of those other games. Here are the original rules. Things have changed a wee bit now that they are on Ravelry, where there are medals galore, for instance. I am not going to get a little .jpeg medal, because I didn't finish two mittens (okay, I didn't even finish one mitten) in the Mitten Medley. 

I didn't get the library book with the pattern in it till halfway through the time, so that was a bit of a handicap. Also, wool, stranding, 2.25mm needles, holiday, etc., etc. 

I also didn't finish (to my satisfaction) my WIP Wrestling event. I knitted up all the yarn on my shawl, but it didn't end up the way I want it, so I will rip out the last four balls and finish it in some other way. Sometime...

Like a good sportswoman, I won't wail and moan too much, but will get back in action, keep training, and be thankful that Team Canada is also taking part in the Para-rava-lympic-whatsit games. So, September will see two finished mittens, yes indeedy!