Friday, September 09, 2016

Update and preview

I have been knitting.

One thing I have been knitting might have to be a secret -- I am waiting for the paperwork! I can, I suppose, tell you that a friend's sister works on props for movies and TV shows filmed here in Toronto, and she needed a teddy bear and a baby blanket to be knitted.

I finally bailed on the blanket because I belatedly remembered that I have injured myself with knitting too much too fast, and thought it would be tempting fate to agree to knit a bit of a blanket, a half-finished blanket and then a very-nearly-finished blanket, all on a deadline. I think another friend of mine will be taking that on.

But I went ahead and did the teddy, and my, it is cute! I cannot find a pattern for exactly what I did on Ravelry. It was a tiny bit like a Red Cross Trauma Teddy! Anyways, maybe I can show you another day, but I do have to sign something with the company. I'm not sure what it is I will be signing, but they are paying me well for my time and I will follow their policy, if I ever learn what their policy is.

(Pro tip: for profitability, knit for the film industry rather than for a local craft show.)

Other knitting has been on hold for a short bit, but since I haven't blogged in ages I can certainly find something to tell you.

I "finished" my big cotton shawl, but I didn't like the third segment and ripped it out again. Now I am once more almost finished. I am was looking for something a bit leafy that I could decrease down to a point, and remembered Birch. A very nice pattern indeed.

I was also working on a cowl in the 'Shrooms coloured yarn someone gave me. But it wasn't speaking to me, so I ripped it out and am turning it into a hat for my TIFF lineup knitting.

And I need lineup knitting because it is film festival time once again! Here I am blogging at home, while Denzel Washington is partying it up downtown. Sheesh. Oh well, maybe we'll run into each other tomorrow or the next day. (My one movie star story: I once saw someone I thought must be John Travolta... till I realized that's what John Travolta looked like 25 years ago. Denzel could probably walk past me on the street and I wouldn't know it.)

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