Saturday, September 17, 2016

Almost the end of TIFF

Since we last spoke, I have seen the following:

Something Wild from 1986. My oh my, it was good. Jonathan Demme was there because he was showing off his latest film and did a great Q&A. I saw it 30 years ago and remembered it as being cool and having a great soundtrack, but I could not have told you anything about the plot. It was just as cool now and the music is indeed amazing! It was a free show, which made it even better. (The plot involves a woman, a man, some lies, some spouse issues, more lies, and a big fight.)

B-Side, a documentary about Elsa Dorfman, a photographer whose favourite camera was a 20x24-inch Polaroid.

She always took two photographs, and let the subject choose which one they wanted. She kept the "B-side," the initially less regarded work that was often better than the A-side! Lovely, lovely movie and I would dash in a minute to a gallery show of her photos.

Kati Kati, a movie from Kenya about a woman who finds herself in a strange place... she learns that she is dead, but can't remember anything about her life. A tad weird, as movies about dead people tend to be, but good!

Burn Your Maps, which you will hear about in the cinemas, I am sure. It has the great Canadian kid, Jacob Tremblay, in it. Family distress, kid acts a bit nuts, dad loses patience, mom and a sidekick take the kid to Mongolia to see goats. A tear-jerker with beautiful scenery (although much of Mongolia is really Alberta).

(So far things are fine, but nothing really jumps out and grabs me. It's been a strange festival that way. Is there a clear frontrunner for the People's Choice award? I wonder...)

Mali Blues, a doc about music in Mali. In the north of the country, Islamic extremists are banning music, wrecking equipment, threatening musicians. This movie shows mainly Fatoumata Diawara, who returned to Mali after years away becoming quite famous, and a few other musicians, talking about their fears for their country.

This is not from the movie but it is a song of Fatoumata's that I like. I have no idea what it is about....

City of Tiny Lights, a noir-ish, London detective story. Lots of swoopy light-swirl night scenes. A bit of Blade-Runner-esque voice-over. A sad teenage story leading to murder and betrayal years later.

This morning was the film I was most looking forward to, Their Finest with Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy. I linked to that story because it shows off quite a bit of the fantastic knitting in the movie! It's a sweet story of plucky English folk winning WWII by making a movie about Dunkirk. Bill Nighy is always a delight (and he gets a fantastic cabled pullover in one scene) and Jeremy Irons has a small but ridiculous part. Gemma Arterton is super as our heroine, and she gets a lot of fine-knit, drab-coloured knitwear. The movie ended up being a bit too sweet, maybe, but it was pretty fun.

One more, tonight, and tomorrow, Macbeth live on stage! Such a busy girl I am.