Monday, August 01, 2016

Just a few disjointed pictures

I took all my pictures on our July trip with my phone because Elaine had my little camera with her. They are long and skinny, cell-phone shape. I find it takes a bit of getting used to! These are from the first part of our trip, all on the north shore of Haida Gwaii.

The beach by our cottage on the North Beach. Grey as far as the eye can see, perfect!


We went to Agate Beach in the drizzling rain; all the rocks were super shiny and so colourful!

These are called Jingle Shells. They are quite iridescent on the inside; the bottom shell has a hole in it which allows the foot to hold on to a rock. Very pretty and one will somehow go on our Christmas tree this year.

Some more rocks...

Creatures living on a rock. Limpets, barnacles, mussels, seaweed...

Lichen. This is actually on Balance Rock

Just a collection on the deck. Almost every day I took a bunch of treasures back to the cottage and edited them down to a very few to bring home. When I was rearranging things on my shelves recently I did realize I have three bowls of pretty rocks, so I do try to be moderate. Sorta.

A sunny day! A little rain gives you that rainforest feeling, but it is lovely when the sun comes out.

At the dock in town, boxes to put the day's catch in for transport. I'm glad that red one is there. 

This was hanging in our cottage. Of course (of course!) I collected several shells with holes in, but my dangly thing will not be as large or as varied as this one. Sea star, abalone, scallops: this has everything.

And finally for today, my attempt at a picture of the moss in the trees!  Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.